The 4th of March 2016, Arriyadh Development Authority invited the three consortia (ANM, FAST and BACS) team members with their families to spend a day to Thumamah Park.
The day was a great opportunity, for all the team members, to consolidate an already solid and strong relationship.


This was also a special occasion for all the families to meet, know and create new friendships with people with different cultural background and from all over the world.
Children had the possibility to actively participate to their father’s reality, know the people who work with him, play with other kids and visit a fabulous place surrounded by mountains and valleys inside a nature reserve like Thumamah Park.


The atmosphere was very welcoming and warm, they set up a traditional Arab fire, several Bedouin tents, they provided different types of food for the appreciation and sharing of different traditions and they organized a big children area with giant slide inflatable bouncer and a bouncy castle, camel riding and small airplane riding.


Thumama Day