On behalf of ANM and CWG Management, once again our organization joins with its partners and international partners to commemorate the World Safety Day for the year 2018 under the theme “OSH vulnerability of young workers” adopted by the International Labour Organisation.


Safety and Health is an important aspect of our lives. We are all prone to accident on a daily basis either in our workplace or within our community.
It, therefore, remains a key responsibility of both, the employers and the workers, in contributing and maintaining an environment free from occupational accident.


A culture of safety and health calls for the active participation of all workers in upholding the principle of safety first, whereby emphasis is placed on prevention.
It remains a strong commitment of ANM and CWG Management to continually develop and put in place new strategies to continuously promote safe working conditions. A workplace free from occupational accident is one which is conducive so it is what we aim for. A healthy workforce is one which is productive and contributes to building a healthy community.


Adopting a “culture of prevention” and “zero accident at the workplace” does not only apply to employers and workers but also to everyone in ANM and CWG Organization. Emphasis is also placed on inculcating the culture of health and safety practices in our youth which will consist the future workforce of each country in the world.

We should always keep in mind the love we have for our families, our kids are the ‘Young Generation’, in order for us to be more dynamic in contributing in the development of safe work environment for the present and for the future.



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